Deciphering Morni’s PIN Code- 134205

The Postal Index Number (PIN) or PIN Code is a 6 digit code introduced by the Indian Postal Department on 15th August 1972 and is used for numbering of post offices all over the country to assist in the sorting of mail for delivery purpose. The PIN Code today, however, signifies something more than a mere code for identifying a post office. The PIN Code helps identify an entire area that is covered under the post office (for the purpose of delivery of mail) that bears that code. A recent Bollywood film ‘Delhi-6’ depicted the life and issues of people living in the walled-city area of North Delhi (around Jama Masjid-Chandni Chowk) that falls under the PIN Code 110006. The Prime Minister of India’s office has been assigned a unique PIN Code- 110101 that it shares with none else!

An area or locality can be said to have come of age when it acquires its own PIN Code. The Morni ‘ilaqa’ can thus legitimately take pride in having its own unique PIN Code-134205. The Code denotes the post office at Morni, a ‘Sub-Office (Delivery)’ in the parlance of the Indian Postal Department, which has 4 ‘Branch Offices’ under it. The Branch Offices are located at Bhoj Koti, Mandhana, Thandog and Tikkar. Morni’s PIN Code covers most of the postal addresses in the hills. Some of the villages in the Morni foothills are, however, covered by PIN Codes of the post offices located in the plains. Aasrewali village is thus covered by the Sub-Office at Barwala with 134118 as its PIN Code. The neighbouring Khetpurali village gets its PIN Code 134204 from the Sub-Office at Raipur Rani.

PIN Codes can be deciphered by looking at the 6 digits that comprise the code, each of which denotes a specific aspect of the overall address.

  • The first digit of the 6 digit PIN code indicates the ‘Region’, the country being divided into 9 PIN Zones- 8 regional and 1 functional (reserved for the Indian Army). Thus the number ‘1’ denotes the PIN Zone/Region that includes the States of Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and the Union Territories of Delhi and Chandigarh.
  • The second digit indicates the sub-region. The numbers ‘2’ and ‘3’ (when following ‘1’) denote the State of Haryana.
  • The third digit indicates the sorting district within the region. The numbers ‘3’ and ‘4’ (when following ‘12’ or ‘13’) denote the Districts of Ambala and Panchkula (Panchkula was a part of the Ambala district till 1995).
  • The final three digits are assigned to individual post offices.

Thus, in case of Morni’s PIN Code 134205-

  • ‘1’ denotes the Northern region
  • ‘3’ denotes the sub-region, more specifically, the Haryana State
  • ‘4’ denotes Ambala-Panchkula district
  • ‘205’ denotes the post office (S.O.) at Morni

The 4 Branch Offices under the Morni Sub-Office share its PIN Code.

Morni Post Office
Morni Post Office

In the age of mobile telephony,  internet and eMail, the age-old post offices have got a fresh lease of life with the introduction of the MNREGA programme. Wages under MNREGA are not paid in cash and are instead credited to the account of the worker maintained with a bank or a post office. The Indian Postal Department runs the world’s largest postal network and its reach is much larger than that of the banking network. One can find post offices operating in relatively remote locations all over the country. This has given the Indian Postal Department an edge over the banks in areas like Morni and wages of a large number are being paid through its network of post offices.

Note: Morni S.O. falls under Ambala City Head Office, Ambala Division, Ambala HQ Region, Haryana Circle. Phone- 01733-250130