Morni Wildlife (Herpetofauna): Striped-burrowing frog

November 13, 20140 Comments

Striped-burrowing frog/Greenstripe frog (Cyclorana/Litoria alboguttata)- is a frog of the woodlands and grassy patches generally seen in temporary pools and around ditches. It has a distinctive yellow-green glossy stripe that runs down the middle of the back. Equally prominent is a dark streak from the snout through the eye, ear disc, over shoulder to beyond […]

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Morni Wildlife: Barking deer

January 31, 20130 Comments

Barking deer/ Common or Indian Muntjac/ Kakar is one of the smallest deer (about 2′ at the shoulder) with a long and flexible body and very short legs. Body is golden-brown, lower parts are creamy-white including upper portion of its long tail that is carried erect when the deer is running. A glimpse of the […]

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Morni Wildlife: Nilgai

January 30, 20130 Comments

Nilgai/ Blue Bull/ Roz/ Rojh (Boselaphus tragocamelus Pallas) is the largest antelope of Asia, with the adult weighing over 250 kg. Adult males are blue-grey with thin black legs (having transverse white bands) and white markings/ spots on ears and cheeks. Nilgai is nearly 5 feet high at the shoulder and the body slopes sharply to the […]

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Morni Wildlife: Himalayan Grey Goral

January 30, 20130 Comments

Himalayan Grey Goral (Nemorhaedus goral) belongs to the sub-family of a goat-antelopes, being intermediate between the goat and the antelope, and is a little over 2 feet high at the shoulder. It weighs about 40 kg. The head with a solid, heavy skull is goat-like. So is the short tail. The short legs and the […]

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Morni Wildlife: Indian Wild Boar

January 28, 20130 Comments

Indian Wild Boar (Sus Cristatus Wagn.) is a relatively large boar that can reach 3 feet height at the shoulder and can weigh nearly 150 Kg. The coat is black-grey and is sparse. The mane is heavier. The well-developed tusks in males curve outwards and project from the mouth. The lower tusk is typically 6 […]

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Morni Wildlife: Sambar deer

January 27, 20130 Comments

Sambar deer– a large deer that can exceed 5 feet height at the shoulder and can weigh over 500 kg! Females are generally smaller. Males have large, rugged antlers nearly 4 feet long that are shed annually in summer months. The antlers are valued for ornamental purposes. The locals in gujjar-villages of Morni foothills use it […]

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Morni Wildlife: Indian Flying Fox

January 26, 20132 Comments

Indian Flying Fox/ Greater Indian Fruit Bat (Pteropus giganteus) is a very large bat of the forests that typically lives in colonies close to a large water body. The bat weighs around 2 Kgs, is over a foot in length and its wing span can exceed 4 feet making it very conspicous in flight. The […]

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Morni Wildlife (Crustacean): Fresh Water Crab

November 28, 20122 Comments

A Fresh Water Crab seen in a stream at Bharal, Morni foothills

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Morni Wildlife: Yellow-throated Marten

July 22, 20120 Comments

Yellow-throated Marten (Martes flavigula) a brightly coloured marten of Asia with a powerful build. It is the largest marten of the Old World (weighing about 5 kg) and is about 5′ long with the long shiny black tail constituting 2/3 of the overall body length.  Its fur is a mix of golden-yellow-brown, black and white. The […]

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The Lost Art of Reading Pugmarks

July 18, 20126 Comments

A ‘Pugmark’ literally means the mark left by the ‘pug’ (Hindi for ‘foot’) of the wild animal. The trackers ‘read’ the pugmark to gather information about the species, sex, age and size of the animal as also the direction and speed of movement. In the days of the British Raj, the tribal trackers (particularly the […]

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