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Trees of Morni: Bahera

May 22, 20160 Comments

Bahera /Behada/Vibhitaka (Fearless in Sanskrit)/Beliric (Terminalia bellerica) is a large deciduous tree of South-East Asia that grows on plains and in lower hills. It has an uneven bluish or ashy-grey bark with longitudinal furrows. It grows to a height of 80-100 feet with a girth of 8-10 feet and is easily recognized from a distance by its […]

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Shrubs of Morni: Charming Clematis

November 9, 20140 Comments

Charming Clematis/ Dhanwali धनवाली (Clematis grata) is a vigorous Himalayan climber that bursts into clusters of many small cream-colored fragrant flowers with spreading petals from July to September. The climber is found up to 2500 metres. Leaves are compound – leaflets are 1″ to 3″  long, ovate, lance-shaped, strongly toothed/lobed and hairy beneath.  

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Trees of Morni: Curry-leaf

November 7, 20140 Comments

Curry-leaf tree/ Kari patta करी पत्ता (Murraya koenigii) – is a small tree, growing up to 20 feet tall, with aromatic, pinnate leaves with 11-21 leaflets. The plant produces small, white self-pollinating flowers. It bears small, glossy black berries that yield a single, large viable seed. The species is named after the German botanist Johann […]

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Shrubs of Morni: Potato tree

November 6, 20140 Comments

Potato tree (Solanum verbascifolium) is a widespread weed of the tropics that originated from the Central American region. The shrub can grow up to 4 to 10 metres tall. A toxic plant that is used to prepare formulations that are used as diuretics and purgatives for treating malaria, leprosy and venereal diseases and for stimulating […]

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Trees of Morni: Himalayan Wild Pear

November 5, 20140 Comments

Himalayan Wild Pear /Mehal मेहल /Mol मोल/ Kainth कैंठ (Pyrus pashia) is a small or medium-sized deciduous Himalyan tree found at altitudes of 750 m to 2700 m with lance-like, glossy leaves with serrated edges and glossy brown, table-tennis ball sized, edible fruit covered with raised cream-white pores. The fruit is rich in minerals and ripens in […]

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Shrubs of Morni: Glory Lily

September 28, 20140 Comments

Glory Lily/ Fire Lily (Gloriosa superba) is a tender, tuberous rooted, perennial climber that climbs over plants with the aid of tendrils at the ends of leaves. It has large showy, ‘flaming’ yellow-orange-red flowers with 6 large wrinkled petals ensconsed by 6 prominent stamens. Flowers are solitary and open by longitudinal slits in the buds. The […]

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Shrubs of Morni: Chhota Kalpa

August 1, 20140 Comments

Indian Borage/ Chhota Kalpa (Trichodesma indicum) – a small, spreading, erect herb with lance-shaped, stalkless hairy leaves,hairy stems and small, 5-lobed white flowers that point downwards when open. Also known as the ‘Starflower’ it belongs to the family of ‘forget-me-nots’ and is believed to have originated in Syria and then spread in the Mediterranean region […]

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Shrubs of Morni: Jungli Karonda

March 16, 20145 Comments

Jungli Karonda /Wild Karoda/ जंगली करौंदा (Carissa spinarum) is an erect, thorny shrub with leathery,ovate leaves and forked branches. The leaves exude a toxic, white latex if plucked from the stem. The small, red berries are edible. The thorns can be an inch-and-a-half in length. The star-shaped flowers are white with 5 narrow petals. Jungli […]

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Shrubs of Morni: Indian Nightshade

March 15, 20140 Comments

Indian Nightshade/ Poison Berry/Brihatee/Bardhi Kateri (Solanum indicum) is a spreading shrub of open scrub land. Leaves are about 10 cm long . The flowers are purple. The berries are yellow when ripe. The prickly shrub can grow to a height of 1-5 metres. The roots of brihatee are used for preparing Ayurvedic medicines for treating cough, asthma, […]

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Shrubs of Morni: Sonkadi

November 25, 20130 Comments

Sonkadi (Pentanema indicum) is a herb of the ‘Sunflower family’ that grows up to 1 metre tall. It has attractive, yellow flower-heads with 12 to 24 ray flowers (petals). Leaves are lance-like and stalkless. It is found on grassy slopes of the Himalayas.

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