Birds of Morni: Grey Wagtail

November 9, 20141 Comment

Grey wagtail (Motacilla cinerea) is a small wagtail with a yellow throat (black in breeding males) and vent, whitish underparts and grey upper parts. It has a narrow white supercilium. It can be spotted wagging its tail energetically as it forages for insects in meadows or shallow marshes.

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Birds of Morni: Little Pied Flycatcher

November 9, 20140 Comments

Little Pied Flycatcher (Ficedula westermanni) 

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Birds of Morni: Crested Bunting

November 6, 20140 Comments

Crested Bunting is about 6″ in size and is generally found in low-lying, grassy hills and areas with terraced cultivation.The head and body in males is a shiny blue-black with a prominent feathery crest at the back of the head. The wings and the tail are chestnut brown/ rufous. The females have streaked upper parts […]

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Birds of Morni: Jungle Bush Quail

September 28, 20141 Comment

Jungle Bush Quail (Perdicula asiatica) is a quail of the Indian subcontinent, about 6″ in length that feeds largely on seeds of grasses (sometimes also on insects). It breeds after the rains. The male has a heavily barred, white belly and underparts (females have chestnut breast and belly). Head has red and white streaks.

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Birds of Morni: Little Cormorant

February 9, 20140 Comments

Little Cormorant can be spotted foraging in small ponds, lakes and streams either alone or in small loose groups. It swims underwater in search of fish and perches itself with open wings on rocky-outcrops or branches of fallen trees projecting from the water  to dry itself after emerging from a dip. It is a little […]

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Birds of Morni: Wallcreeper

February 9, 20141 Comment

Wallcreeper (Tichodroma muraria) a blue-grey bird of the mountains, about 6” in size, with striking crimson wings and dark tail and flight feathers. It is found in the Himalayas at elevations of 1000-3000 metres and moves to lower elevations in winters. It feeds on insects and spiders and can be seen hopping up and down a […]

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Birds of Morni: Oriental white-eye

December 16, 20130 Comments

Oriental White-eye is a tiny olive-yellow bird with a white belly. It has a prominent white eye-ring. It is commonly found in flocks in scrub forests. They feed on insects, fruit and nectar and pollinate flowers. They prefer the safety of trees and rarely venture on ground.

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Birds of Morni: Black Redstart

December 16, 20130 Comments

Black Redstart is a small (5” to 6” in length) colourful bird with dark upper parts and an orange-red belly, rump and tail. It’s a flycatcher that catches insects in mid-air. It flicks its tail and bobs its head much like the Robin. The bird originally nested in cliff-walls but has now adapted to nesting […]

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Birds of Morni: Grey Bushchat

November 20, 20130 Comments

Grey Bushchat (Saxicola ferreus)  

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Birds of Morni: Indian Pond Heron

August 13, 20130 Comments

Indian Pond Heron/ Paddy Bird /Andha Bagla in Hindi (Ardeola grayii) an earthy brown bird with snow-white wings, tail and rump that take you by surprise as the bird rises in flight.  The neck is pulled-in when flying. Its near perfect camouflage makes it difficult to spot when not in flight. It is seen at […]

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