Morni Wildlife (Insects): Golden Dragonfly

November 14, 20140 Comments

Golden Dragonfly- a spectacular ‘gilded’ dragonfly spotted by the Tramp while trekking along the Berwala choe in the Khol-hai-Raitan Wildlife Sanctuary area.

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Morni Wildlife (Insects): Six-spotted Green Tiger Beetle

November 8, 20140 Comments

Six-spotted Green Tiger Beetle (Cicindela sexguttata) is a ground beetle of deciduous forests, a little over half-an-inch in length and with long legs. The large white mandibles give the insect a ferocious look (hence the name ‘Tiger’) and help it subdue its prey – caterpillars, ants, spiders etc. This carnivorous beetle can run and fly […]

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Morni Wildlife (Insects): Yellow Pansy

November 8, 20141 Comment

Yellow Pansy (Junonia hierta) – is a butterfly seen in open scrub and grasslands. The male has a bright yellow upperside and the forewing has jet black corner with white streaks. The anterior portion of the hind wing is black with a large shiny blue spot. In the female the colours are duller and the […]

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Morni Wildlife (Insects): Stinkbug

November 6, 20140 Comments

Erthesina acuminata (common name Stinkbug) is one of the 5000 species of insects of the Pentatomidae family. The bug gets its name from the foul-smelling secretion produced by it when alarmed. The odourous secretion may get transferred to the resting place of the insect such as fruit or leaves of a plant leaving them with […]

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Morni Wildlife (Insects): Day flying ‘Tiger-striped’ Moth

November 5, 20140 Comments

Day flying ‘Tiger-striped’ Moth – Episteme adulatrix: A brightly coloured day flying moth with a tiger-striped orange-black abdomen that can easily be confused with a butterfly. The non-clubbed antennae and the stout abdomen are the give-aways that tell you that it’s a moth and not a butterfly. Acknowledgement: The moth was identified by Sh. Sanjay […]

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Morni Wildlife (Insects): Indian Tortoiseshell

October 31, 20141 Comment

Indian Tortoiseshell  (Aglais caschmirensis) is a colourful, medium-sized butterfly (wingspan of about 2 inches) that has reddish-orange wings with prominent black and yellow, high contrast ‘zebra’ markings on the forewings and a border of blue-spots on the edges. Its larvae feeds on nettle (urtica). It occurs in the Himalayas from 1000 to 4000 metres. It is difficult to […]

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Morni Wildlife (Insects): Northern Spotted Grasshopper

October 31, 20141 Comment

Northern Spotted Grasshopper (Aularches miliaris) – a colourful grasshopper of South and Southeast Asia with dark, glossy green head and thorax and a canary-yellow band on the side. Wings are green with yellow spots. Legs are a metallic blue.  Abdomen is banded in red and black. A heavy and sluggish grasshopper it is capable of […]

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Morni Wildlife (Insects): Common Blue Jewel (Damselfly)

September 3, 20130 Comments

Common Blue Jewel (Rhinocypha perforata) is commonly spotted in swift flowing streams in low hills and mountains.

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Morni Wildlife (Insects): Blister Beetle

August 29, 20132 Comments

Mylabris pustulata is a large red-orange beetle, over an inch in length with broad black bands. The neck is long and pronounced. It is a species of the family of ‘blister’ beetles and is found in South Asia. The family of ‘blister’ beetles gets its name from the defensive secretion of a toxic chemical that […]

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Morni Wildlife (Insects): Lemon Pansy

July 27, 20130 Comments

Lemon Pansy (Junonia lemonias) an active  brown butterfly of the forested Himalayan tracts with prominent peacock eyespot on each wing. It has pale yellow spotting on upper forewing and a number of wavy lines and spots. The markings grow more distinct during the monsoons. References: Butterflies of India, Arun Pratap Singh (2011)

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