Mornee Tramp

An environmental enthusiast who loves tramping through the hills in search of the picturesque.

Birds of Morni: Himalayan Griffon

Himalayan Griffons, especially juveniles, winter in Morni Hills and are frequently spotted soaring high on thermals especially where the breeze from the southern plains meet the sheer Gajhan escarpment.

Trees of Morni: Kandai

Governor’s Plum/Kandai/ Kakai Flacourtia ramontchi/ Flacourtia indica is a small thorny deciduous tree with rough whitish-grey bark; young parts are hairy. Leaves are 2-4 inch long, are ovate and obtusely serrated, smooth above and usually hairy beneath. The leaves and twigs are lopped for fodder (and the tree is hence susceptible to browsing).  It is …

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